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Alpha Taxonomy


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Floras & Checklists

eFloras: with links to many of the floras available online

The Global Plant Checklist Project

The Kew World Checklist

The Virtual Field Herbarium: An introduction to existing field guides

Flora Zambesiaca Online

Plants of Southern Africa Checklist

Flora of China Online Checklist Moss Flora

Flora of Nepal Online Annotated Checklist

Flora of Thailand Online

Flora of Australia Online

Flora of New South Wales Online

Flora Mesoamericana Online

The Plant Species of Eastern Brazil Catalogue

The woody plants in Peruvian seasonally dry forest Checklist

Flora Del Paraguay Online Checklist

Identification Keys


ActKey Online

Lucidcentral Fact Sheet Fusion

SLIKS (Stinger's Lightweight Interactive Key Software Website

Online Keys

Thonner's analytical key to the families of flowering plants Online

Flowering Plant Family Identification Online

IDnature Online

World Grass Species Website

Gossia (Myrtaceae) Online key

Virtual Herbaria & Herbarium Databases

Aluka (African Plants Initiative) specimen data & images Online

E (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) specimen data Online

K (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew) specimen data & images Online

MO (Missouri Botanical Gardens) specimen data & images Online

NY (New York Botanical Garden) specimen data & images Online

Virtual Libraries & Other Literature Resources

General Search Sites

Web of Science Online

Entrez PubMed Online

Google Scholar Online

HUH Publication Index Search Online

Kew Record of Taxonomic Literature Online

TL-2 (Taxonomic Literature) Online

Neo-latin texts Online

Virtual Libraries

Gallica (Biblioteque National de France) Virtual Library Online

Real Jardin Botanico Biblioteca Digital Online

Missouri Botanical Garden Rare Books Search Online

Philosophia Botanica Online


Agricola (USDA National Agricultural Library Online

COPAC (University of Manchester library) Online

RBGE Library Catalogue Online

Gallica (Biblioteque National de France) Online

Kew Library Catalogue Online

Real Jardin Botanico Biblioteca Digital Online

SALSER Fact Sheet Fusion


Open Access Journals Directory

American Journal of Botany Website and Submission

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society Website

IngentaConnect Website

International Journal of Plant Sciences Website

Kew Bulletin Guide for authors

Plant Physiology Website

Plant Systematics & Evolution Website

Systematic Biology Website

Systematic Botany Website

Glossaries & Translation

APWeb (Angiosperm Phylogeny Website) Glossary

Wisconsin Botanical Glossary

Wikipedia Website

Glossaries by Language List

Free Translation Online

Free Latin Translations & Translators Online

Google Translate Online

Data Standards

Authors of Plant Names (Brummitt & Powell)

Abbreviations of Journal Names (BPH)

GIS & Georeferencing

ArcGIS Website

DIVA-GIS Website

QGIS Website

OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software Website

NASA GIS downloads Website

Easy Trace Advanced Software for Automatic Raster Website

GIS Internet Sites Website

Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps Checklist

VDS Map Data Website

Middle East and Asia maps Index

Bodleian Library Map Room MapInfo

GEOLocate Georeferencing Software for Natural History Collections Website

Biogeomancer - Automated georeferencing Website

Geonames Query Home Page (Lat Long search) Online

Georeferencing Calculator Online

Latitude Longitude Conversion Online

Converting UTM to Latitude and Longitude (or vice versa) Online

UTM - Lat-Lon conversion applet and standalone version Website

Latitude and Longitude in Excel Online

Length of a Degree of Latitude and Longitude Computation Online


European Pollen Database Website

Flowering Plant Families of the World Website

Plant Ontology Consortium Website

RHS Colours on a monitor Website

General Characters and Character States Website

Morphometrics & Statistical Analysis

A comprehensive list of software available is on the SUNY Stony Brook website


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